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    The main difference between US and European sites is that US sites will sell your data. European ones, too, but first they will politely ask several times if this data can be collected. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), adopted back in 2016, still does not comply with 67% of US sites (out of the top 1000). Even Google Analytics violates the regulation.


    CMA operates all over the world, with a large percentage of clients in Arab countries - in our identity, we used photographs of buildings to feel something global and monumental


    Our project for the American VADE working with urban infrastructure


    Our identity for Ledger — before looking at the case, try to guess which country this product is for :)


    Most Americans are not very embarrassed by widespread surveillance. Probably, Mr. Federal Agent is not as scary as Comrade Major. All of this collected data results in websites being able to speak you with extreme accuracy. And of course, Americans believe they are the best. The best visuals, rich content with direct CTAs, everything is simply the best. But in our subjective experience, American sites lag behind European ones by a year or two.

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    Everything is right to left. It doesn't seem to matter that much. But if you have ever been to an eastern country, then you know this primary shock - everything is backwards! This panic is even worse for designers when they (including us) have to rework familiar compositions for someone else's look.


    Adaptation for the Arab market is not just a mindless mirror. First, numbers and numbers are still read from left to right. Secondly, there is no point in mirroring icons. Thirdly, as a rule, the text needs to be made a little larger - the characters are much more complex than in Latin and Cyrillic (and the choice of fonts is small). But the most important thing is cultural peculiarities.


    More than three hundred million people in the world speak Arabic, and generalizing all the different countries into one culture would be at least rude. What we are going to do now, quite a bit. Arab sites are much more restrained and conservative than Western ones: there are fewer bright characters, and photographs of people are a little less common.

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